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Dry Flies Gallery


Parachute Adams - Fly | Large

Adams, Female - Fly | Large

Adams (traditional)

Adams parachute

Adams female                          

Adams Dry Fly - Fly | Large

Adams, Hi Vis, Parachute - Fly | Large

Irresistible Adams Dry Fly - Fly | Large


Adams hivis parachute

Adams irresistible             

Red Humpy - Fly | Large

Royal Humpy - Fly | Large

Yellow Humpy Trude - Fly | Large

Humpy red

Humpy royal   

Humpy yellow trude 

Chartreuse Humpy Wulff - Fly | Large

Yellow Humpy - Fly | Large

Black Elk Hair Caddis - Fly | Large

Humpy wulff chartreuse

Humpy yellow   

Elk caddis black

Brown Elk Hair Caddis - Fly | Large

Grey Elk Hair Caddis - Fly | Large

Olive Elk Hair Caddis - Fly | Large

Elk caddis brown  

Elk caddis grey  

Elk caddis olive  

Peacock Caddis - Fly | Large

Adams Trude - Fly | Large

Peacock Trude - Fly | Large

Peacock caddis         

Adams trude 

Trude peacock             

Lime Trude - Fly | Large

Royal Trude - Fly | Large

Black Stimulator - Fly | Large

Trude lime      

Royal trude      

Stimulator black    

Green Stimulator - Fly | Large

Yellow Stimulator - Fly | Large

Stimulator, Royal - Fly | Large

Stimulator green

Stimulator yellow

Stimulator royal

Parawulff Blue Wing Olive - Fly | Large

Parachute Blue Winged Olive - Fly | Large

Thorax Blue Wing Olive - Fly | Large

Blue wing parachute wulff      

Blue wing olive parachute      

Blue wing olive thorax

Callibaetis, Dun, Thorax - Fly | Large

Callibaetis, Parachute - Fly | Large

Callibaetis, Dun, Sparkle - Fly | Large

Callibaetis dun thorax              

Callibaetis parachute     

Callibaetis sparkle dun   

Green Drake, Wulff - Fly | Large

Olive Parachute Hares Ear - Fly | Large

Royal Para Wulff - Fly | Large

Green drake wulff                

Parachute hares ear olive   

Royal wulff parachute    

Mosquito - Fly | Large

Renegade - Fly | Large

Cream Midge - Fly | Large


Cream midge      


H & L Variant - Fly | Large

Black Gnat - Fly | Large

Parachute Hendrickson - Fly | Large

H +L variant                   

Black gnat            

Hendrickson parachute         

Red Double Humpy - Fly | Large

Parachute Hares Ear - Fly | Large

Mahogany, Parachute - Fly | Large

Double humpy red           

Hares ear parachute  

Mahogany parachute          

Green Drake, Cripple - Fly | Large

Green Drake, Paradrake - Fly | Large

Parachute PMD - Fly | Large

Green drake cripple             

Green drake paradrake    

Pale morning dun parachute 

Elk Hair Caddis Green

Elk Hair Caddis peacock

Elk Hair Caddis Tan

Hemmingway caddis

      Henryville caddis Olive

Henryville caddis Tan

Goddard Caddis Brown

Goddard Caddis Black

Tent Wing Caddis olive

King River Caddis Olive

King River Caddis Tan

Spackle Dun Adams

BWO Comparadun

Light cahil Comparadun

BWO Spinner

Spackle Dun BWO   

Trico Spinner

Crackleback Brown

Black Mottled Caddis - Fly | Large
Partridge Caddis - Fly | Large
Black Mottled Caddis

Partridge Caddis

Crackleback Olive

Para Black Gnat

Para  Hares ear

Para Pheasant Tail

Olive Crystal Flash Caddis - Fly | Large
Grey Foam Wing Caddis - Fly | Large
Tan X-Caddis - Fly | Large
Olive Crystal Flash Caddis
Grey Foam Wing Caddis

Tan X-Caddis

Olive X-Caddis - Fly | Large
Brown X-Caddis - Fly | Large
Foam October Caddis - Fly | Large

Olive X-Caddis

Brown X-Caddis

Foam October Caddis

Dry Hackle Elk green

Dry Hackle elk Orange

Dry Hackle Elk red

Dry Hackle Elk yellow

dry hackle orange female

Dry Hackle Red Female

CDC  Flashabou Orange Female

CDC Flashabou green Female

Elk Hair Caddis bright Green




Hi-Viz Elk Hair caddis Tan

Hairwing Dun  Adams

Sedgehog Claret

Yellow Sally

March Brown Hackles

March Brown

Brite Wing Parachute Adams

Hi Viz Parachute Adams

Parachute Coachman

Parachute Hendrickson Dark

Parachute Hendrickson Light

Gordon Quill

Humpy Adams

Humpy Black

Humpy Humpbee

Irresistible Wulff

Hendrickson Light

Hendrickson Dark

Madam X Orange

Madam x rubber leg red

Madam X Rubberleg yellow

Red Tag

Royal Coachman

Sedge Brown

Sedge Olive

Sedge Tan

Stimulator Orange

Tassie Dun


White Miller

Daddy Longlegs

Crackleback olive

Crackleback brown


Brite Caddis

Bivisible grizilly

Bivisible Brown


Flying ant